Tell the President and Congress: Make Murders of Unarmed Black People by State and City Law Enforcement Agents a Federal Crime

Any time a  majority law enforcement officer shoots a minority unarmed person, that crime should be categorized as a hate crime.  Throughout history, white policemen have maliciously murdered Black men and women without cause.  Because these crimes are investigated and prosecuted within the same jurisdiction where the perpetrator lives and works, these shooters get away with murder over and over again.  In smaller cities, grand juries are generally comprised of the perpetrator’s neighbors and friends.  Experience reveals that the local prosecutor, given a choice between obtaining justice for a Black man or woman to whom he has no loyalty, and prosecuting his neighbor and friend, would opt to exonerate the police officer of any wrong doing.  Even in larger urban areas, prosecutors, judges and other officials have a loyalty toward police officers which causes them in many instances to circumvent the law in order to protect the life and liberty of the police officer whom they seem to feel is “one of them.”

Join us in asking Congress to name these murders just what they are: hate crimes that deserve to be categorized as federal felony crimes.  Join us as we further ask Congress to establish legislation to assemble federal grand juries, consisting of men and women elected by the public, to serve two years per term, specifically on cases in which a majority law enforcement officer shoots and/or kills an unarmed minority.  We are further asking that a special federal prosecutor be elected and serve two years per term, to oversee a fair and unbiased investigation and prosecution of each such case.

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