Demand Governor Jay Nixon Immediately Relieve Robert McCulloch of His Duties as St. Louis County Prosecutor.


Robert McCulloch has a history of conducting grand jury investigations of cases in which law enforcement officers murder citizens in a biased and unfair way.

In 2000, McCulloch lied to the grand jury about the circumstances under which a dozen detectives shot and killed Earl Murray and Ronald Beasley with 21 shots into the SUV that Murray was driving.  Based on McCulloch’s untrue version of the occurrence, the jury declined to indict the officers.

Robert McCulloch’s sympathies for law enforcement officers may be based on the fact that his father, a St. Louis policeman, was killed in the line of duty by a Black man when McCulloch was 12 years old.  McCulloch’s brother, nephew and cousin all served on the St. Louise police force.  His mother worked as a clerk for the force for 20 years.  

McCulloch has already informed the media that Darren Wilson will testify to the grand jury.  This is a highly unusual practice, as generally grand jury meetings are secret, and defendants are not allowed to testify on their behalf, or even hear the grand jury testimony prior to their indictment.

In November 2014, McCulloch will run, unopposed, for the office of Prosecutor which he has held since 1991.  Join us in demanding that Missouri Governor Jay Nixon immediately remove McCulloch of his duties and remove his name from the ballot immediately!

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