Demand Congress, the Department of Justice and St. Louis Law Enforcement: Hold Darren Wilson Responsible for the Death of Mike Brown..


Mike Brown, an 18-year old high school graduate who was preparing to start college classes, was gunned down by Police Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, St. Louis.

The police department of Ferguson initially failed to acknowledge the shooting; then refused to give the shooter’s name, and once they gave his name, they immediately sent Darren Wilson into hiding.

The fact that Darren Wilson is guilty of murder is irrefutable.  The coroner’s report showed that Mike Brown had been shot six times, twice in the head.  One shot to the head was at the top of his head which meant he had to be on his knees in order for the police officer to shoot him.  Although we aren’t privy to all of the information, we feel that this is enough information with which to indict Officer Darren Wilson and hold him responsible for this young man’s unnecessary death.

Please join us in demanding that Officer Darren Wilson is brought to justice as an example to all police and law enforcement throughout the nation that killing unarmed Black men is not okay, and when they use their police powers to needlessly end a life, they will be prosecuted and possibly imprisoned.

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